Case studies

Protecting the family inheritance

When retired GP Jean Ormerod became a widow, she knew she had to get her financial affairs in order for the sake of her family and was looking for an independent adviser she could trust.

Woman with white hair, at home, meeting with advisor

She was introduced to Sue Farrington by her solicitor in 2007 and has been a client ever since, placing a high value not just on the support that she receives but also on the strength of the trusted relationship she has developed with Sue and her team over time.

"Sue is my rock," she comments. "We have become good friends over the years since my husband died and I couldn't be without her.

"When my husband passed away, we lived in a big house which I just didn't need anymore. I quite quickly sold it and moved to a smaller house nearby, and Sue was instrumental in helping me plan what to do with the money from the sale to make sure it was invested wisely.

I can sometimes get carried away and make investments on my own without telling her, which gets me into a bit of trouble. But I've learned to listen to her advice — she's nearly always right!

Dr Jean Ormerod

"I have two sons and it's very important to me that their inheritance is protected for the future. Sue really understands that and has met both my sons as she is helping us all to work out the best way to secure my finances for their future.

"We have a review meeting every year where we go through everything and set out our goals for the next 12 months. But on top of that we catch up regularly on the phone or over dinner."