Case studies

Navigating the changing legal landscape

Both John Davies and his wife Liz have had long careers in the pharmaceutical business: John as a Director of pharmaceutical suppliers Mawdsley-Brooks and Liz as owner and manager of her own pharmacy.

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With that background, they are both acutely aware of the importance of understanding regulations, and that counts for their pension provisions too.

"It's really important to me that my financial advisers have an in-depth knowledge of industry standards and are able to keep ahead of all the changes in legislation, interpreting what they mean for our investments," says John. "I've relied on Sue and her team for many years now and I trust their judgement implicitly."

But it's not just trust that keeps John engaged with Oakfield Wealth.

"I know that many people at my stage of life are happy just to ensure that their finances are secure and protected. However, some of us are still keen to consider less standard investment opportunities that have the potential to deliver a greater return. Because Oakfield Wealth is independent, the team doesn't have a bias towards a particular product, and more importantly, their recommendations are always very thoroughly researched.

Sue will get in touch if they come across an opportunity that they think would work for me. Their advice is always spot on.

John Davies

"I maintain a close engagement with Sue and the team, not because I always need to, but because I'm interested.

"They don't offer standard solutions, but seek out the opportunities they believe best meet my needs. And if I ask them to look into something for me I have complete confidence that their diligence will result in the right guidance.