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Family wealth management: helping people through difficult times

As a niche family law practice, Lund Bennett Law often meet with people having to deal with events which have a major impact on all aspects of their lives.

Photo: Woman with blonde hair, smiling. Relaxed business environment

According to partners Sharon Lund and Kirsten Bennett, it is key to them that they can deliver swift and timely professional advice as well as providing their clients with reassurance and support.

As Sharon explains: "We are often working with people who are having to cope with very difficult changes and who are feeling emotionally vulnerable, and while we have to understand and empathise with those emotions we also have to focus on getting the best possible outcome for our clients, giving them clear, sound advice.

"In these type of circumstances, financial worries can add to the stress and we know we can rely on Sue and the team at Oakfield Wealth. Not only is their professional expertise invaluable, but they also really take the time to understand the individual needs and objectives of each client, particularly when there are complex issues to consider such as pensions, family trusts or business interests.

Their advice is always straight forward, open and honest, both during the negotiation process and once a settlement has been reached."

When it comes to financial advice, we never hesitate to recommend Sue and her team.

Kirsten Bennett

For Kirsten, it's also a case of a strong cultural fit between the two businesses. "We are known for the personal relationships that we develop with our clients, and the vast majority come to us through a recommendation from friends or family," she adds. "Oakfield Wealth place the same importance on relationships that we do, and we have the same faith in them that our clients have in us."

Photo: Woman with blonde hair, smiling. Relaxed business environment