Case studies

Business financial planning: creating a platform for success

When they set up their company, Aerial Platforms, in 2008, Jason and Rachel Seddon realised they needed to make sure their personal wealth objectives were dovetailed effectively with their business ones.

Photo: Client and advisor talking. Industrial machinery in the background

With their growing success, their accountant suggested they talk to Oakfield Wealth to get some impartial advice on how to protect and utilise the value of their business. For Jason, it was refreshing to receive some non-pushy and independent advice.

"It's not just the wealth of financial services experience that I value, but their integrity as well," says Jason. "We've learned to trust their insight and due diligence and we now involve them in all our major decisions to make sure we are considering all the angles."

For Jason, it's also important to have his accountancy and financial planning requirements working hand in glove.

We've had no venture capital, no external shareholders – we've just worked hard and had the right advice from people we trust, like Sue and her team, right from the beginning.

Jason Seddon

"We started out with a turnover of around £700k in our first year and that's now grown to £4m," he explains.

As a result, we've been looking to move premises, as we need around three times our current space to meet our growth plans.

"We had a landlord eager for us to sign on the dotted line for a 7-10 year lease that would cost almost £1m, but Sue pointed out that we could build our own new premises for around £500k and rent it back to ourselves through a Self-invested Pension Fund.

"We would never have thought of that without Sue pointing out the possibilities and it's definitely something we're looking into."